More About Hero 5

When it comes to photography there are all sorts of ways to get into the field. Some people like to grab a DSLR and some others want a point and click digital camera. For the extreme, the truly live by their thrills kinds, will want to look into GoPro technology. GoPro has made a name for themselves as the go to camera for people who want extreme photography in extreme situations, as well as recorded videos. Let's break down why you should check out GoPro, drones, and the new Hero 5.

Hero 5 Leading the Way
The hero 5 is one of the latest offerings over at GoPro and it will be specially formulated to get people who are in the drone crowd to get into GoPro tech. Drones are flying devices that range in size and application. Some people like to get small, fast drones so that they can do obstacles or special tricks while up in the air. other people want sturdy drones that can lug a camera around and get great aerial footage for them. We are mainly focusing on the latter type and that is where the Hero 5 will be applying to.

You might think that it is simple to fly a drone: just fill its batteries and start it up with the controllers, but it isn't. Drone flying is a lot like RC car driving but there is more nuance to it and you need to have a better appreciation for the wind and the weather. You must be able to control your flight, estimate distances, and watch out for obstacles that might look a different size from farther away. Study with a drone expert or make sure to watch enough tutorials on the internet before you decide to latch your GoPro to a drone and send it into the air.